Expertise for Software & Systems Engineering

Method Park supports your product development in specific development projects - with hands-on help in the production of individual software components or in an advisory capacity when it comes to the selection and combination of suitable tools as well the introduction of state-of-the-art methods into your development process. While doing so, Method Park engineers take on tasks and responsibilities in all areas of the software’s life cycle, even if this implies managing entire projects.

Agile Software Engineering

Determined by a schedule or agile? – This is a question many companies ask themselves when they want their projects to benefit from agile development methods while at the same time having to meet the high safety requirements of various quality standards.

Method Park advises and supports its customers in integrating these two ways of thinking and helps define and implement individual approaches. 

Our service portfolio at a glance:

  • Coaching to help integrate agile aspects into a company’s process world
  • Customized method training
  • Expertise sourcing
  • Workshops for the changes required in the project or corporate culture
  • Setting up "transition teams"
  • Coaching for the company’s structural adjustment to ensure efficient agile software development
  • Creating connections between agile processes and standards such as IEC 6304, ISO 26262, ISO 15504, ISO 13485 or CMMI
  • Support with the assessment, selection and adaptation of tools

Method Park engineers always work with the goal of making customers independent in their use of agile methods.

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Tool Chain

Many companies often require complex tool chains when developing their products. This is true not only for using agile development methods, but also for application and product life cycle management.

Method Park takes over the task of setting up such tool chains on behalf of its customers. Method Park engineers

  • evaluate, in a solution-oriented manner (i.e. independent of the manufacturer), the tools available on the market
  • ensure the compatibility of the individual tools
  • add the necessary components
  • assemble the tools into a tool chain and
  • validate the tool chains’ compliance with standards

Method Park customers have access to their tool chains

  • on their own computers
  • from the cloud or
  • on Method Park servers

Your advantage: Method Park ensures the continuous maintenance of the tool chains.

Method Park checks current market trends for specific operational capability. Method Park advises and supports its customers in the replacement of obsolete tools or in the addition and adaptation of new tools into existing tool chains.

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Know-how Sourcing

Expertise is an organization’s intellectual capital. Knowledge becomes outdated, however, if it is not updated continuously. At the same time, learning is more than simply acquiring knowledge. Knowledge must be applied and tried out. Through a process of evaluation and repetition, such experiences can be developed into real skills.

Employee training and professional development are therefore always only the first step. But what if time and manpower is missing for the next steps?

Then Method Park’s expertise sourcing can help out.

Not only do Method Park engineers incorporate their knowledge and experience directly into the project work, they even support the project team in evaluating their own experiences. This expertise sourcing helps an organization in the crucial task of convincing their employees to accept the introduction of new processes and methods. Method Park engineers convey the understanding required for such acceptance and assist with changing over to new paradigms.

Show me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

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Safety-relevant Software Development

Many new products are designed to simplify daily life, make it safer and save lives. They can, however, also constitute a danger. If products contain software components, one must ask oneself: Has everything humanly imaginable been done to minimize risks? Method Park advises and assists its customers in the development of safety-relevant software, both through training and coaching as well as engineering services.

Method Park’s service portfolio includes:

  • Seminars for developing safety-relevant software
  • Development of standard-compliant processes
  • Support for safety-relevant and standards-compliant system and software development (such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and IEC 60601-1)
  • Engineering services provided throughout the development process

Method Park engineers convey the necessary understanding and supervise their customers’ projects to completion.

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Systems Engineering

Systems consist of a plurality of components and subsystems. The system can only do its job properly if all the parts interact correctly. The more intelligent a systems is, the more complex the interactions of its individual parts. A modern car, for example, today has more than 40 control processors and many millions of program code lines. Different suppliers at a variety of locations around the world develop the components that in turn are very precisely installed in different vehicles. Systems engineering takes care of the planned and systematic approach required here. Method Park advises and assists its customers in system development and process improvement.

Method Park’s service portfolio includes:

  • Seminars on the basic principles of systems engineering
  • System architecture design
  • Requirements drafting and management
  • Safety-relevant and standards-compliant system development (such as ISO 65108, ISO 26262, CMMI and SPICE)
  • System verification and validation
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