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The world of product development, systems & software engineering is becoming increasingly complex.

Our mission is to manage this complexity.




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This whitepaper introduces a methodical approach to address the engineering challenges of the modern-day industrial revolution.


Stages Process Management System



enables process modeling for everybody

empowers people to easily understand and use processes

automates process by integrating with existing tools

assures process compliance to CMMI, Automotive SPICE, and many more

Stages Concept

  • Model processes from scratch or import existing process definitions from ARIS, RMC/EPF or Excel.  
  • Map your processes to the requirements of standards, regulations, and policies to assure compliance.
  • Publish processes online for all stakeholders and export them to PDF, Word, and Excel
  • Tailor your processes to the needs of your projects and programs.
  • Review and release the tailored processes.
  • Execute the processes in practice and work with the integrated tools.
  • Monitor process performance and generate compliance evidence.
  • Learn from process metrics and process feedback and improve the processes.

In a nutshell, Stages implements a continuous process improvement and serves as your digital QMS.

What does it look like?

Have a look inside Stages and see what it looks like and how easy it is to use

Stages Screenshot
Stages Screenshot
Stages Screenshot

Introduction to Process Management with Stages

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