Product Development Processes

The product development process (PDP) brings a product to the marketplace from planning to production. While some organizations still describe their PDP in documents, leading engineering companies have achieved significant improvements by transitioning to a model-based PDP.

This model-based PDP approach has been realized using Stages in automotive, aerospace, medical device, transportation, and other engineering-driven industries.


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A Product Development Process model helps explain the dependences of all systems and people within the enterprise. It serves as a base to start modeling a department’s work (their silo) in detail, and to engage department members in process improvements. As benefits become obvious it encourages other departments to model the details of their processes, quickly identifying opportunities for the efficiency benefits.



Our Solution


Stages has successfully been used in large scale PDP transformation projects to implement all five key approaches within a single process management platform and achieve

  • reduced product development overhead and time to market
  • higher quality of developed products
  • increased business agility

WHITE PAPER: Safer Deployment of Automotive Innovations

This paper discusses how current industry challenges interconnect and have a common denominator: the processes used to manage the products across their life cycles.

  • Product development process baseline
  • Automakers are delivering faster innovation
  • Ensuring compliance while innovating
  • Safety standards need visible compliance
  • Managing overlapping, conflicting standards


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