Stages supports your whole process journey from initial modeling to integrated process execution at large scale.

Compliance assurance and feedback capabilities keep your transformation on track and secure its success.



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Create models instead of pictures

Engineering processes are complex



Stages helps to master this complexity with

  • A process meta-model proven in hundreds of process rollouts around the globe
  • Industry best practices like swimlane diagrams, SIPOCs and RASICs
  • A process architecture concept to create large process lifecycles and business unit variants
  • Automatic validation of modeling guidelines and process consistency before release



Model your processes through an intuitive user interface using latest web technologies.


Visualize & Pilot

Understand and learn at maximum speed

Over 80% of all engineering processes are executed by humans



Stages speeds up process understanding by letting users

  • See processes also from role, phase or milestone perspectives
  • Choose between different diagram types and levels of detail
  • Use any web browser on desktops, tablets, or smartphones
  • Pilot new processes in an agile way



Your teams will adopt new practices, methods, and tools much faster and easier.



Only do what matters

Engineering processes need to embrace variance



Stages contains a rules-based tailoring capability that can

  • Calculate the optimal process configuration for each program or project
  • Signal compliance violations during tailoring
  • Adjust project processes on the fly without changing the past





Your teams will operate with minimal process overhead and still comply with all regulations.





Put the process to work

Engineering processes need to be consistently executed across the tool landscape



Stages integrates with most common engineering tools:

  • Manage work products, checklists, and templates in Sharepoint, SVN, and PTC Integrity
  • Orchestrate Atlassian Jira and IBM Team Concert to dynamically generate tasks based on the process for each project
  • Generate project plan templates for MS Project and many other systems
  • See status of project work products and other engineering data across all repositories



Your teams will find the process significantly more useful and easy to follow.



Reduce risk of non-compliance

Most engineering is performed in regulated environments



Stages provides a unique capability to map all regulatory and industry standard requirements onto your processes:

  • Receive compliance warnings when modifying or tailoring your processes
  • Detect gaps and run trace reports for processes and their project instances
  • Generate compliance evidence including project work products



Assure compliance with regulations and drastically reduce the efforts of audits and assessments.

Automotive Aerospace & Defense Medical Devices Other
Automotive SPICE DO-178C IEC 62304 ISO 9001
ISO 26262 DO-254 ISO 14971 ISO 15288
ISO/SAE 21434 ARP4754A ISO 13485 APQC PCFs
ISO/PAS 21448 AS9100D    
IATF 16949      

Feedback & KPIs

Learn from your audience

The world continues to change and the processes need to follow



Actively involve all users to provide feedback directly in the process description:

  • Low entry barrier to give feedback
  • Feedback automatically creates tickets in Jira, PTC Integrity, IBM RTC, or Redmine
  • Gain insights from live usage statistics and KPIs via customizable reports



Let metrics drive your process improvement.
Evolve your teams into a learning organization.