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Method Park offers you high-quality online training - technically and methodically optimized for the digital world:

  • Regular rotation of presentations, exercises, and exchange of experience provide for varied training
  • Innovative technologies such as online whiteboards guarantee interactivity
  • All work results are digitally available after the training
  • Exercises for small groups (12 participants max) in virtual rooms ensure an effective learning experience


Thank you for a great online training. It was as very effective. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and discussion about real life examples which all made training enjoyable and informative.

Abhimanyu Bari

A good introduction to SAFe explaining the overall concept and elements.

Manfred Lilge

Carmeq GmbH


Great course,
great trainers,
a lot of real world examples,
and a lot of fun.

Scrum Master, M. C.



Despite the challenges of an all-remote training, David and Stephanie provided a great setup and moderation that allowed us to both cover essential SAFe material, interact regularly in team breakouts and dive deeper in group discussions about real-life experiences. This training brought clarity and planted many seeds of thought that we hope to expand upon in our own Scrum Master community of practice.

Scrum Master, Grace Gückel.



Method Park did the impossible: they delivered a great SAFe training fully remotely, while retaining a very human element, something that with SAFe trainings is challenging even when courses are co-located. It has been great to discover a centre of excellent for SAFe locally in Germany: now I hope we can make the best of the proximity and cross paths regularly!

Scrum Master, G. L.



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  • All you need is a stable internet connection, your headset, and a webcam
  • No software installation necessary – a modern browser is perfect
  • Have a smooth start into your training - we will support you and test technology together at the beginning