Data Analytics Solution

Keep your big data scalable and create the perfect workbench with customized visualizations.


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The ParkView Cycle of Success

ParkView helps you build your own data visualization and processing platform in the cloud for data mining and analytics, as well as for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Our four-step approach turns unstructured data into valuable knowledge.


  • Get started in minutes.
  • Collect and clean data from a a wide variety of sources.


  • Analyze data interactively.
  • Process and visualize data.
  • Review data anyplace, anytime.


  • Scale data for Al & ML.
  • Find better data intelligence and secondary usage.
  • Grow your user base.


  • Leverage data insights.
  • Help increase productivity in processes.
  • Empower experts with low-code tooling.


  • Produces technology-neutral visualization and data and metadata processing
  • Helps improve productivity across development processes
  • Enables transparent data review anywhere, anytime
  • Reuses data for predictive analytics, statistics, data mining, and Al and ML
  • Enhances data intelligence and secondary use of data

Build your own Data Visualization and Processing Platform with ParkView

Ease of access: Our cloud-based delivery model means a web browser is all you need to access ParkView.

Connectivity: We provide data aggregators that connect your devices to ParkView.

Flexibility: Because we use managed open-source software (OSS) tools, ParkView is flexible and state of the art.

Security: Our customers get their own ParkView instance and, if preferred, we can install it on their server infrastructure. We monitor and manage the available OSS packages.

Ease of collaboration: Users can work together on the same datasets and data science notebooks.

Scalability: Because ParkView uses cloud-based resources, your local hardware’s performance does not limit you.

Range: Using apps for defined analytic workflows means you don’t need coding skills to use ParkView.

Diverse types of data accepted: ParkView can analyze many different types of data (spreadsheets, time series, images, audio and video).

Streamline Data Access, Visualization and Storage

Today’s data will produce tomorrow’s breakthroughs. Our analytics tool provides anytime access and lets you visualize dynamic pools of data, reduce or eliminate manual processing and simplify storage.

The ParkView Analytics Tool:

  • Is web first and cloud native
  • Reproducible data processing and visualization at any scale
  • Focuses on value-add rather the added value
  • Increase productivity by leveraging proven state-of-the-art tools
  • Automates data analytics, mining, intelligence and more
  • Infrastructure as code powered by GitOps
  • Designed with privacy and trust in mind
  • Built-in security tests & checks from the start
  • Enables predictive analytics, data mining and Al & ML
  • Enhanced data intelligence and secondary use of data