Mobile & Web apps

These days, your customers utilize heterogeneous hardware parks. That’s why they expect your software to run on various different devices, while also being attractive in terms of design.

Support your customers’ device landscape by developing mobile and Web apps, leveraging Method Park’s expertise to do so!

Do your products have to satisfy legal norms and industry-specific standards? Then you can rely on Method Park here, too! With years of experience in the field of security-critical software, Method Park’s engineers implement high-quality, standard-compliant software for you.

With professional support in the development of mobile & Web apps, you can ...

  • keep your finger on the pulse of technological innovations
  • be well-positioned for your customers’ future requirements, too
  • implement the latest development technologies and practices quickly and easily

Services for mobile & Web apps: Method Park …

  • develops native or cross-platform mobile apps and responsive Web apps for you, in line with the latest standards, using Swift, Xamarin, or TypeScript / JavaScript / HTML5 / CSS3, for example
  • uses frontend frameworks, such as Angular2, React, and Meteor.js, and backend technologies, such as Node.js, Java, and C#/ASP.NET, for this purpose
  • connects your new IoT products, existing legacy back-ends (in PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Perl, etc.), and cloud services via REST or MQTT interfaces
  • supports you in implementing current methods such as agility, scrum, TDD (test driven development), CI (continuous integration), and CD (continuous deployment)
  • develops security-critical software pursuant to norms and standards (e.g. IEC 62304)



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