Information Systems

With its Information Systems team, Method Park supports you as you face the challenges of big data, data analytics, machine learning, and hybrid cloud computing.

Method Park also creates and customizes engineering tools for you, which are implemented not only locally (on-premises), but also in a cloud Environment.

With professional support, you can ...

  • systematically integrate the know-how and experience of Method Park experts
  • receive hands-on support when setting up your “big data” environment
  • get to grips with your ALM tools
  • access comprehensive methodological and technological know-how
  • implement future-oriented methods and professional tools in your development activities
  • secure a key advantage in terms of time and expertise
  • boost the efficiency of your products and assure a high level of system quality

Services for information systems at Method Park

  • Setup of a Hadoop environment
  • Connection of your systems to cloud services
  • Consulting on data analytics
  • Support along the path from the prototype to the integration of deep learning-based algorithms
  • Customization of your ALM tools
  • Creation of software engineering tools
  • Coaching and hands-on workshops on configuration/version-control systems

Any Questions?

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