Systems Engineering

A Systematic Approach

Systems consist of a plurality of components and subsystems. The systems can only do its job properly, if all the parts interact correctly.

Individual system components are developed at a variety of locations worldwide, while various suppliers deliver different parts. Engineers from diverse specialist fields contribute to integrated production. This complex development requires a planned and systematic approach.

Method Park supports you on the development of individual systems and implement processes, to enable distributed and efficient development.

With Professional Systems Engineering you

  • Systematically integrate knowledge and experience, in all branches of product development
  • Establish effective engineering processes in your company
  • Implement future methods and professional tools into your development
  • Provide for necessary understanding and acceptance within your teams
  • Develop resource-saving, intelligent and reliable products, which are highly competitive
  • Save the crucial advantage in competence and time

Method Park Systems Engineering Services

  • Basic courses on systems engineering
  • Coaching, support and management of projects
  • Ensuring compliance of systems engineering to norms and standards (ISO 61508, ISO 26262, CMMI or SPICE)
  • Support on changing to new paradigms, tools and methods