Coaching on Improvement of Systems and Software Development for a Control Unit


An automotive supplier developed a new control unit for an OEM. This control unit required significantly more software components than the systems previously delivered by the supplier. Its software development was inadequately designed for development processes and the quality requirements were not fulfilled on schedule. The OEM verified the development state in regular audits and recommended the customer to seek external support for its process improvement for systems and software development. 

Duration of the project

about 3 months

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The supplier chose Method Park for support, since both companies had already worked together successfully on another project. Method Park worked collaboratively with a highly motivated team at the supplier. This was the best condition for success. 

After initial reviews and coordination meetings, Method Park implemented necessary steps together with the supplier’s project team. The first step included comparing the supplier’s requirements with existing systems requirements and creating or improving respective electronics, hardware, mechanics and software elements. Additionally, the team implemented an issue tracker, which was required for planning open tasks and activities in development. 

The existing development process was analyzed and re-structured together with the development team. During this phase, Method Park gave hand-on workshops (unit tests, git/gerrit, clean code,…) to transfer the required practical expertise to the developers.

Additionally, the next audit by the OEM was prepared and finally implemented successfully, together with the supplier. 


Selection of Method Park for support on process improvement


Requirements mapping

Implementation of an issue tracker

Analysis and re-structuring of development processes

Preparation of audit by OEM


The project was very successful for all involved parties. After the OEM analyzed the audit, it assigned a higher rank to the development of the supplier and commended the progress. With individual coaching of employees after the project, Method Park strengthened these improvements in the project team. 


Passed OEM audit

Higher rank of development