Safety & Security

Develop Safe Systems

A reliable system is safe and secure. On the one hand, it considers the protection of the environment and the human being from the system, and on the other hand the protection of the system from the environment and the influence of humans. This is to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the information in the system.

The growing complexity and connectivity of our systems, increases the importance of its safety and security. Just like quality, safety and security cannot be integrated into a system, afterwards. Functional Safety & Security has to be integrated into systems and software engineering from the very start.

We support you on hazard alert and threat analyses and show how to assess risks and how to comply with industry-specific standards and norms.

With Professional Safety Consulting & Engineering you ...

  • develop safe systems compliant to industry-specific requirements
  • receive profound analysis of existing processes
  • implement process requirements into projects
  • optimally prepare for a certification according to ISO 27001

Method Park Safety & Security Services

  • Assessments and gap analyses according to standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 62304, ISO 27001
  • Consulting on Functional Safety Management
  • Support, training and workshops on the development of safety-relevant software
  • Process development and modelling of safety and security processes
  • Development of a complete safety architecture
  • Taking over the Functional Safety Manager role in your projects