Successful Process Rollouts with the Stages Method

The Stages Method follows the Process Management 4.0 philosophy and contains the best practices for successful process rollouts collected in over 800 rollout projects over the last 20 years. This methodology helps us learn and improve together with our customers, building on past lessons.


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Stages Method

When companies select Stages, we commit to deliver more than software. Our methods and approach ensure that business goals are being met, deployment is accelerated, user experience is secured, and that we are on a path to a mutual success story.

Here are the five systematic steps towards sustained business value added:

Identify Goals

  • Identify business objectives
  • Derive process goals from business objectives
  • Derive questions and metrics to measure achievement of goals



Analyze Capability

  • Assess current capabilities
  • Identify gaps to required state
  • Prioritize changes and improvements



Build Architecture & Organization

  • Define process architecture
  • Establish process management organization
  • Perform trainings and other qualification measures

Model & Rollout Processes

  • Identify and involve process subject matter experts
  • Iteratively model and pilot processes
  • Tailor and rollout processes across the organization



Establish Learning

  • Capture feedback, derive and implement process change requests
  • Measure process performance and map against goals
  • Continuously implement improvement measures


Successful Engineering with Process Management 4.0

This whitepaper introduces a methodical approach to address the engineering challenges of the modern-day industrial revolution.

  • The Industry 4.0 Paradigm
  • Engineering Change
  • Effective Process Management
  • The Methodology