Process Management 4.0

Prozessmanagement 4.0: Master Complex Processes

Processes for Industry 4.0 fundamentally differ from normal business and development processes, since they are far more complex and exposed to constant change. To design process management to be comprehensible and manageable, it has to be based on standards which are defined as clearly as possible. The overall context has to be transparently designed. Furthermore, rolled-out Industry 4.0 processes usually are unique, since they are influenced by factors such as compliance, individual safety or risk requirements, product lines, departments or customers. Consequently, there are numerous process variants which pursue a common goal according to process optimization: the establishment of a learning organization while maintaining common roots.

A Methodical Approach to Optimize Processes

Process Management 4.0 is a method which enables organizations to adjust their processes to future challenges and efficiently manage them. It is a compilation of best practice methods and techniques covering all sectors of process management we have developed with over 15 years of experience in worldwide process audits in over 700 customer projects. This method is structured into five basic steps on the way to a learning organization:

Five central steps of Process Management 4.0:

  1. Goal Definition: Identify goals and trace them to processes and projects. This will steer your organization.
  2. Process Capability Analysis: Assess transparently the current state of your process management capabilities.
  3. Business Process Management (BPM) Organization: Structure your process organization and process architecture.
  4. Process Modeling: Define terminology and guidelines.Our methodology provides an extensive library of best practices.
  5. Learning Organization: Rollout and track back measurements to business goals. Implement feedback circles to drive the culture change.

With Professional Process Management Consulting you will be able to ...

  • define goals which support your business goals
  • analyze the current status of your process landscape
  • identify your organization’s potential for optimization
  • initiate improvements or implement them yourself in your organization

Method Park Services on Process Management

  • Process consulting, training and coaching – worldwide
  • Best practices from over 700 customer projects
  • Adjustment of your (development) processes to the requirements of a dynamic world

With the leading process management software "Stages", we offer you the appropriate tool additional to methodical consulting.


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