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Angular Hands-on Workshop

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General Information
2 Days

Gain experience with the Angular framework while exploring the most important concepts of the ecosystem in this hands-on workshop.

Angular remains an indispensable part of modern web development even though alternatives are now available. With the release of Angular2 and the separation of AngularJS, the framework has undergone a fundamental transformation.

This hands-on workshop introduces the framework itself and highlights the most important concepts of the ecosystem. The workshop focuses on TypeScript and RxJS, which play an important role in the framework, and is very practice oriented. Over half of the workshop consists of applied exercises on a consistent topic, and learners will work on all aspects of Angular based on specific tasks.

Angular Basics
  • TypeScript.
  • ng-cli.
  • Components and their lifecycle methods.
  • Templates.
  • Events and event handling.
  • Unit testing of angular components.
Data Management
  • RxJS and observables.
  • Services.
Further topics
  • Angular modules.
  • Client-side routing.
Target audience

Software developers


Working knowledge of JavaScript and HTML

Further information
  • Copies of any relevant standards must be provided by the learner.
  • You will need a laptop for this workshop. Learners will work in groups and with the trainers to define the required development environment.

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