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Software Architecture – Hands-on Workshop for Agile Software Architecture

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General Information
2 Days

You want to establish sustainable architecture in your software development? You require an architecture which supports agility, flexibility and changeability? This hands-on workshop imparts principles and practices for the development and evolution of architectures in an agile environment.The workshop focuses on practice-oriented knowledge transfer: In specific exercises, you deepen what you have learned and apply it on a consistent example. Instead of the prepared case study, your current product development can also be integrated into the exercise part of this workshop.


Architecture and the Architect’s Role

  • What is architecture?
  • The role of architecture in agile development
  • How does evolutionary architecture enable the continuous development of products?

Communication of Architecture

  • How to communicate architecture to target groups?
  • Agile approaches to documentation
  • Docs as Code

Influencing Factors

  • Identify and analyze architecture-relevant requirements and framework conditions
  • How to prioritize influencing factors and architectural decisions?

Design and Architecture Principles

  • Design and architecture principles as key to flexibility and changeability
  • How to decouple the technical core from specific technologies with clean architecture?

Architecture and Continuous Delivery

  • Continuous Delivery as basis for evolutionary architecture
Target audience
  • Software Architects, Software Developers
Your Advantage
  • After the workshop, you can optionally book one or more subsequent coaching days. The trainer is then dedicated to the specific challenges you may face when implementing the workshop contents in everyday life. In addition, you can deepen individual contents in a targeted manner.

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