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React and Redux – Hands-on Workshop for Web Development

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General Information
2 Days

React, Facebook’s JavaScript library, enables easy and fast creation of interactive user interfaces. With React, you easily create simple view-layers for every application state and implement even complex user interfaces in an instant.

Redux is a state container for JavaScript applications and enables the centralization of the application states and logics. With Redux, you can also unlock high-performance tasks or additional features for your application.

Unit tests have to be carried out for both React and Redux. The appropriate tools for testing, Jest and Enzyme, are presented in this hands-on workshop.

This training is mainly practice-oriented: Over half of the workshop consists of hands-on exercises based on a consistent topic. You acquire all aspects of React and Redux by working on specific tasks. This workshop enables your team to put the acquired techniques into practice as part of their daily routine.



  • Which concept is React based on?
  • How is JSX used to define markups in React components?
  • Which methods are used to implement component logics?
  • How to process and define events?
  • What are the best practices?
  • What are additional advanced methods?

Unit Testing

  • What are the options for testing implemented React components?

State Handling and Side Effects

  • How to use Redux to manage application states?
  • How to check implemented Redux logics for validity with unit tests?
  • How to integrate Redux with React?
  • How to use the Redux saga to implement side effects such as user interactions or network communication?
Target audience
  • Software Engineers
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and HTML
Further information
  • After the workshop, you can book either one or more coaching days, where the trainer focuses on the specific challenges you have when implementing the workshop contents in your daily routine. You additionally have the opportunity to deepen specific contents on a targeted basis.

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