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Process Improvement in "Learning Organizations"

Process improvement does not end in itself, but is a question on organizational culture and understanding the term “process“. Processes should not only be efficient, but also be implemented efficiently.

Process improvement means establishing a continuous “learning organization”. This cannot be achieved by implementing norms and standards literally and reviewing the process implementation by a compliance department. Instead the process group has to have the self-conception of a service department.

We support you to establish exactly this culture within your organization and to profitably use it for essential process concepts – such as Automotive SPICE®.

Automotive SPICE® for your Process Quality

With Automotive SPICE® , the automotive industry has set a sector specific standard, which is an inherent part of relations between contractors and principals. We show you how to assess and fulfil the requirements for your company.

We determine strengths and the potential of your development processes and specify Automotive SPICE® for your company specific requirements.

This is so you ensure compliance of your processes to Automotive SPICE® while strengthening continuous further development and adjustment to changing framework conditions.

With Professional Consulting and Coaching on Process Improvement and Automotive SPICE® you …

  • optimize processes, by adjusting them to your business goals to considerably improve quality and adherence to schedules and budgets
  • ensure compliance of your processes to Automotive SPICE®
  • focus on business goals and employees, generate transaction values pragmatically and lean, instead of implementing excessive bureaucracy and compliance
  • establish process improvement, as service in your organization
  • win the benchmark in competition with other automotive suppliers

Services on Process Improvement and Maturity Models: Method Park …

  • supports with acknowledged experts in process improvement, Automotive SPICE®, Functional Safety (ISO 26262) and other standards
  • is Software Quality Improvement Leader (SQIL) for Volkswagen and consults you on optimizing development processes and on the improvement of software competences according to the new Volkswagen guidelines
  • is exclusive training provider, of VDA QMC on Automotive SPICE® for introduction courses and assessor training
  • supports you worldwide with process consulting, training and coaching on SPICE, to establish your “learning organization”
  • implements location determinations and gap analyses and prepares you for Automotive SPICE® assessments and audits

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Automotive SPICE® Factsheet

Automotive SPICE V3.1 at your finger tips! This App contains the full content of Automotive SPICE® V3.1 and even more:

  • All processes are described with purpose, process outcomes, output work products and base practices
  • All Capability Levels (1-5) included: process attributes and generic practices and explanation of rating mechanism Overview charts for Traceability Requirements of Automotive SPICE® Commonalities and differences between Automotive SPICE® V3.1 full scope, VDA scope and ISO 15504-5:2006 Downloading and installing the Method Park App is completely free.

Download (Apple iOS or Google Android):

Is Automotive SPICE® your topic? Are you looking for a compact guidebook that will lead you through the essential processes and main components of this assessment model? Then order the Pocket Guide to Automotive SPICE® from Method Park.