Conception and Implementation of Training for a new ALM Tool Chain


A leading automotive supplier decided to replace its existing heterogeneously structured tool landscape, with a new consistent ALM tool chain. This new tool chain will better support Automotive SPICE® compliant working and reduce license and operating costs. Due to the dependency between projects, this switch to a new ALM tool chain, had to be implemented as a “Big Bang” migration. Consequently, over 1,000 systems users had to be trained in a short time.

Duration of the project

about 6 months 

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Method Park developed a training concept with role-specific courses to train the end users. The training was based on the defined development process: participants were trained within an example development project and experienced how to apply the new ALM tool chain in projects. Prepared training projects enabled efficient implementation of practical exercises. In a half-day basis training, Method Park trainers communicated basic concepts of the new ALM tool chain to users. Additionally, Method Park offered specialized one-day trainings for specific roles (requirements manager, test manager, etc.). 


Development of training concepts

Delivery of basic training on functionality of ALM tool chains

Delivery of role-specific training


The tailored, role-based training concept enabled efficient training delivery. Training participants were able to practically apply the transferred knowledge in their projects, due to high practical relevance of the training. Defined processes and methods built the basis for the process-compliant work in projects.  


Efficient training delivery

Fast implementation of knowledge in practice

Process-compliant work