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 To grow its position in the market, a medium-sized automotive supplier decided to expand its portfolio, from primary mechanical products to more complex mechatronic systems. To enhance key expertise in systems, software and electronics development, the company wanted to build a specialized department. Due to expanding the product portfolio, Automotive SPICE® became an important requirement for the supplier, required by one of its OEMs, since the company previously focused on supplying just mechanical products. The supplier wanted to apply Automotive SPICE® for the evaluation of process maturity, but also for process improvement.

Keystone challenges:

* Implementation of a new systems, software and electronics development department, with new defined development processes
* Integration into mechanics development processes
* Maturity level 2 in all HIS processes within 24 months

Duration of the project

24 months

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Neither software nor electronics development processes were established, so a generic process (LINK generic process) was applied. The first step was to train employees in Automotive SPICE® and to build awareness for the challenges within the management. After the goal had been communicated throughout the company, the employees responsible for processes participated in workshops. An important challenge was to phase the onboarding process and thereby not overwhelm employees with the numerous requirements of Automotive SPICE®. This challenge was successfully delivered with a transparent approach, careful transfer of knowledge of definition and introduction of the new processes. Different process areas in the generic process were discussed and tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Method Park provided integrated training to transfer the necessary know-how via (LINK) courses. After implementing all processes, these were reviewed during execution and the outcomes were validated. Some processes where necessarily customized to unique needs in further workshops. Several Method Park experts supported the customer’s employees during the entire project with coaching sessions.


Application of a generic process together with specific customization

Training of employees on Automotive SPICE®

Development and improvement of needed processes

Continuous review and adjustment of processes

Training of employees responsible for processes

Coaching of employees

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The introduction of a new development department was very successful in this newly mechatronics-focused company. Application of a generic process enabled the defining of the first process version in a very short time. The customer’s employees were able to help redefine their roles and processes, which led to high acceptance of processes and new tasks by employees. The image of the supplier was strengthened among OEMs, not only due to the high SPICE maturity, but also by improved cooperation. This resulted in a solid basis for the newly formed department, on which it can grow.  


Successful implementation of new processes

High acceptance among employees

Maturity level 2 in all HIS processes

Strengthening of the customer’s image