Transformation of an organization


The customer is a global tier one supplier in the automotive branch based in Germany. With over 200,000 employees and several large acquisitions, the organization is heterogeneously structured with different cultures, dependencies and processes. To be able to contribute to shaping the upcoming megatrends in the automotive sector, such as connected and autonomous driving, the company is transforming the organization from a hardware-driven organization, to a software company focused on electronics.   

During this huge transformation process, the company struggled with “development silos” which made it almost impossible for the individual departments to cooperate across business units. This problem led to a reduction in transparency, for instance on project status or progress. The organization is facing the same challenge for further growth and strategic acquisitions. 


Duration of the project

About 3 years 

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With Method Park’s process management software Stages, the organization defined a consistent, modular and expandable standard development process, which is compliant to Automotive SPICE®. Additionally, a continuous roll-out of integrated process management (PM), Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) has been implemented across all business units which can be used for companies which are to be integrated. To ensure acceptance for new processes within the organization, all employees in the engineering departments received training. The customer decided to keep Stages to create and optimize future processes as well.


Implementation of the process management tool Stages

Definition of standard development process

Training for all employees

Customer Benefit

With these measures, the customer implemented consistent processes across all business units as well as for the individual specialist disciplines. These processes are individually expandable and ensure the required flexibility for each business unit. This enables and eases cooperation and facilitates exchange of employees between the business units. Processes and tools can be harmonized, for planned mergers and acquisitions, to quickly ensure effective cooperation of the organizational sectors. Additionally, the organization has repeatedly reached Automotive SPICE® level 3.

Customer Benefit

Consistent processes for all business units

Flexibility, due to individually expandable processes 

Optimized cooperation between business units

Efficient incorporation of acquisitions

Automotive SPICE® level 3