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The Internet of Things, Web Apps, digitalization, big data, variant complexity, new toolchains and agile development methods change market potential and the processes of entire industries. Innovative software & systems engineering is getting increasingly complex. Method Park shows how your product development can efficiently benefit from this innovation. Competent and goal-driven - Method Park takes on responsibility for your projects, by consulting and hands-on support.


The introduction of agile engineering methods, new processes or tools can create huge challenges. This could also have impacts on your organizational structure. Method Park trains your project teams with professional know-how – particularly on the understanding of the necessity of change. Method Park consults your project management on the transformation of structures and methods and actively supports you on the change to new paradigms.


Regulations and standards determine the framework of your product development. Method Park supports your organization’s compliance to standards such as the Medical Device Directive (MDD) and IEC 62304 on Medical Device Software, Automotive SPICE® or ISO 26262 on Functional Safety with focus on process improvement, quality assurance and product safety. Method Park consults and supports you on the optimization of your processes and assures compliance to the requirements of your industry.

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Categories Medical, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Project Management, Requirements Engineering

Touch-Interface for a Computed Tomography Device (CT)

An international company in the medical technology sector, wished to respond more flexibly to the needs of its clinical customers of the human-machine interface (HMI) for computed tomography devices. The goal was to digitalize various hardware control elements, by showing them on a touch display.

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Categories Automotive, Process Improvement, Automotive SPICE®

Implement Automotive SPICE®

A leading automotive supplier for powertrain systems received an order by a large OEM for a new project. The OEM aimed at implementing Automotive SPICE® for its relevant processes according to HIS/VDA to the Capability Level 3.

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Categories Automotive, Process Improvement, Automotive SPICE®, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Hands on Workshop, Coaching

Coaching on Improvement of Systems and Software Development for a Control Unit

An automotive supplier developed a new control unit for an OEM. This control unit required significantly more software components than the systems previously delivered by the supplier. Its software development was inadequately designed for development processes and the quality requirements were not fulfilled on schedule.

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Categories Automotive, Automotive SPICE®, Application Lifecycle Management

Conception and Implementation of Training for a new ALM Tool Chain

A leading automotive supplier decided to replace its existing heterogeneously structured tool landscape, with a new consistent ALM tool chain. This new tool chain will better support Automotive SPICE® compliant working and reduce license and operating costs.

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Categories Automotive, Automotive SPICE®

Automotive SPICE® StarterKit

To grow its position in the market, a medium-sized automotive supplier decided to expand its portfolio, from primary mechanical products to more complex mechatronic systems.

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Categories Medical, Software Engineering, Deep Learning, 3D Image Processing

Deep Learning in Medical Post-Processing

A well-known manufacturer of medical image post-processing applications and long-time Method Park customer in the sector of medical technology asked Method Park engineers to support its evaluation of new technology trends in the algorithmic image processing domain. The customer aimed at increasing the quality of its products, while maintaining the same level of product suitability for daily use.

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Categories Medical, Medical, Software Engineering, Test-driven Development (TDD), Unit Test, Refactoring, Clean Code

Agile Development of a Digital Reading Device

For a new product generation, the Method Park customer planned the introduction of a digital reading device which is able to analyze the company’s Lateral Flow Tests (patient quick tests).

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Categories Medical, Software Engineering, Test-driven Development (TDD), Unit Test, Refactoring, Clean Code

Implementation of Test-driven Development

The customer’s team is responsible for the maintenance of a software product established on markets. Its tasks include customer- driven product enhancements and features, plus a degree of bug fixing.

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