Development of a software extension for a CAT-Scanner for heart and lung scans


An international healthcare corporation develops an application that automatically evaluates the physiological signals of the patient for a better image acquisition. Depending on the selected scanning profile, the software visualizes both ECG curve and breathing curve during applied radiation. Due to the anatomical structure of the human body, the imaging of organs with strong deformation should be conducted at a specific point in time. Since physiological signals correspond to the deformation of organs, the evaluation of those signals can be used for the determination of x-ray application and the acquisition of more precise image data. Initial basic functionalities were already implemented in the C# (.Net) environment and will be extended by new features in upcoming versions.

One of the major challenges in implementing new functionalities proved to be their integration into the existing overall system. Its high complexity and functionality requires a high degree of training in the first place. To keep the system extendable for subsequent versions, features were implemented in a format that is designed for modular integration. Another challenge to overcome was the existence of dependencies between other fields of the application. Through effective communication and coordination between the respective project teams this could be effectively managed, and interdependent functionalities could be implemented without delay. 


Duration of the project

Ongoing since March 2017 

1 Project Manager

1 Product Owner 

1 Proxy Product Owner 

1 Scrum Master 

1 Software Architect 

1 Requirements Engineer 

8 Software Engineers (C#, .NET, WPF, TFS) 

2 Test Engineers

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With the collaboration of the customer, a cross-functional team was set up on an agile basis introducing Scrum. This allowed, among others, the successful implementation and integration of new requirements, as well as rapidly changing requirements into the existing system. Timeboxed iterations, called sprints, with regular reviews and retrospectives supported the team. It also transparently communicated both internally and externally on the progress of the project. 

A smooth completion of the project as well as the enhancement of the Scrum process, have been achieved due to the ISO certification of Method Park and the expert knowledge of its employees. 


Establishment of a cross-functional teams 

Introduction of Scrum

Continuous improvement of the Scrum process

Software features concerning heart and lung scans implemented in C# (.NET)


Within a very ambitious timetable, the application could be extended by new features concerning the software extension for heart and lung scans and delivered for test to selected clinics/customers. This result was achieved due to the team´s expertise in software engineering and knowledge about agile procedures in medical applications/sector.



Extension of product functionality in real-time 

Successful use of the product in practice 

Improved image acquisition and reconstruction 

Reduced radiation exposure/burden on the patient