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Clean Code in C# Hands-on Workshop

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General Information
2 Days

Software gradually loses quality over time, making implementations and changes more complicated, and the code becomes more incomprehensible. Clean code helps you to prevent this and prepares your software for future challenges. This hands-on workshop offers you the techniques and practices necessary to write coherent, extensible, and resilient code.

The workshop places great emphasis on practical knowledge transfer: You will work through the aspects of Clean Code using concrete exercises in C#. After the workshop, you will be able to apply the techniques learned directly in your daily practice.


Clean Code vs. Bad Code

  • What is bad code?
  • What is clean code?
  • The Boy Scout Rule

Aesthetic Code

  • Why is naming so important?
  • What do clean methods look like?
  • What makes a good class?
  • How to write comments correctly?

Formats and Structures

  • How to format cleanly?
  • How to structure objects and data?
  • How to use refactoring?
  • How to deal with the limits of other systems?

Quality Assurance

  • What to do with an error?
  • How to proceed with unit tests?


  • You have basically done everything right?

Clean code as a Mentality

  • Clean Code Developer Grades: How to internalize CCD principles and practices?
Target audience
  • Developers
  • Experience in software development
  • Basic knowledge of C#
Further information
  • The number of participants is limited to 12.
  • The exercises will be performed in C# and with Visual Studio Code.

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