Organizational Development

What is organizational development?

To master the challenges of the ever-changing framework conditions, organizations continuously need to develop themselves. This development is particularly crucial for commercial enterprises that want to maintain or expand their position in the market.

Today, it is more important than ever to implement management approaches in organizations, which not only ensure the efficient and high-quality execution of recurring tasks but also encourage the commitment of your employees. Only in this way can they develop ideas and try out new methods with passion.

Organizational development strategically and systematically transforms the organizational structure and corporate culture. It also initiates the necessary change in employee behavior to increase organizational efficiency and enhance the quality of your employees’ performance.

How to shape organizational development?

You develop your organization,

  • by giving your employees targeted training and coaching or initiating moderated group processes,
  • by transforming your process world and thus comply with various requirements,
  • by increasing the efficiency of your processes or
  • by adapting your organizational structure to make all this possible.

Agile and lean methodologies often play an essential role in this process, particularly for innovation culture and the systematic development towards a process, safety, or security culture.

Do you want to make your organization fit for the industry-specific challenges of tomorrow?

We advise, support, and accompany you in strategic and operational aspects of product development, product management, IT operations, and human resources.

With professional consulting on your organizational development...

  • you efficiently adapt organizational and operational structures (processes)
  • you transform formal and informal structures in a targeted and sustainable manner
  • you introduce tools and practices that optimize your development
  • you consolidate decision-making principles in your company
  • you establish modern leadership behavior
  • you shape a positive team and corporate culture
  • you strengthen the sense of unity among your employees
  • you make appropriate decisions for the future of your organization

Method Park Services for Organizational Development

We offer you various services (interventions) to shape your organizational development:

  • Business coaching, leadership coaching, agile coaching
  • Process transformation and improvement
  • SAFe® training, agile assessments according to SAFe® 5
  • Workshops on strategy, target visions, and transformation
  • Change management and cultural change
  • Design thinking
  • Consulting on questions around
    • operational and organizational structures
    • cultural and personnel change
    • product and development strategies
    • change management strategies
    • portfolio management