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Detroit, United States / 10/31/2019

Automotive SPICE® for Managers

Categories Process Management

General Information
Detroit, United States
1 Day
$ 800.00 per participant

This seminar offers insights into the processes of Automotive SPICE® 3.1 from executives’ perspective with focus on the “VDA-Scope”. This “VDA Scope” defines a minimal set of processes recommended by VDA for the execution of assessments. Additionally, reasons and efforts for as well as benefits of implementing Automotive SPICE® and process improvement are presented. There is room for discussion about pitfalls in assessments and how to define process improvement initiatives.

ISO/IEC 330xx – also known as “SPICE“ (the successor of ISO/IEC 15504) – are standards for improvement and rating of development processes in the domain of software based systems development. This standard is worldwide accepted as de facto standard. Especially the automotive domain decided that Automotive SPICE® is the recommended model for process assessments and improvements since 2007.

  • Automotive SPICE® 3.1 Process Assessment Model (PAM)
  • Reasons, effort and benefits of Automotive SPICE®
  • Basic procedure for an assessment
  • Brief overview of the Automotive SPICE® processes of the so-called "VDA Scope"
  • Bidirectional traceability of requirements
  • Interpretation of levels 1-3 and outlook for levels 4 and 5
  • Typical problems and approaches in process improvement projects

This seminar consists of presentations, exercises and discussions and offers the opportunity to ask questions and exchange know-how.

Target audience

This seminar is for executives of automotive manufacturers and suppliers, including project managers, coordinators and those responsible for quality assurance of development, the supplier management and the purchasing department.

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Further information
  • The trainers of this seminar are Competent and Principal Assessors with extensive experience in conducting assessments compliant to Automotive SPICE®.
  • The price of this seminar includes the "Automotive SPICE® Pocket Guide".

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