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Process Management 4.0 – Best Practices

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General Information
1 Day

The training provides best practice methods and techniques for all areas of process management that were accrued in more than 15 years of experience in which Method Park performed worldwide process audits at more than 700 engineering organizations. As a participant, you will benefit from

  • a 360° view with which you will be able to identify the potential for optimization in the process management of your company
  • the tools with which you can initiate appropriate improvements or carry them out yourself.To make the best use of the training, the focus areas (see below) as well as the selection of the exercises are adapted to the requirements of the respective participants. This also creates space for discussion and exchange of experience.
  • Motivation
    • What do digitalization and Industry 4.0 mean for process management?
    • Process modeling instead of process description and what it facilitates
  • Setting objectives
    • How process management can support business objectives and why it should
    • How can one derive meaningful metrics from the objectives?
  • Analysis of the current state
    • Dimensions of the analysis of the current state (process capability) and why we have to consider it for process management (influencing factors)
  • Process architecture
    • Techniques for process reuse for modularization or variant creation
    • The value chain as an architectural founder
    • Architectural challenges of engineering processes
  • Process definition
    • Process-collection techniques
    • Modeling guidelines
    • The RASIC model of the responsibility of roles in the process
    • Compliance with norms, standards and maturity models
  • Process implementation (process roll-out)
    • Methods and aspects of process introduction
  • Process management
    • Roles and structural organization of process management
    • The process of process management
    • Feedback-, change- and release management
Target audience

All roles and functions in the context of process definition, process improvement, process modeling or process roll-out.


Basic knowledge in the description or modeling of processes



Further information
  • Exclusively process consultants with extensive and longstanding experience in all areas of process management serve as trainers for this course.
  • English course materials are used.

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