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Erlangen, Germany / 10/23 - 10/27/2023

intacs™ Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE® v3.1)

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General Information
Erlangen, Germany
10/23 - 10/27/2023
5 Days
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Centr. European Time (Berlin)
Examination Fee
€ 450.00 per participant
€ 3,400.00 per participant, plus VAT

This seminar prepares you to take the exam for qualification as an "intacs™ Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE® v3.1)". You will become familiar with the Automotive SPICE® v3.1 process assessment model, which is generally used for assessments in the automotive industry.

With many practical exercises and tips you will learn to work with individual aspects of assessments. Upon completion, you will be able to assess processes according to Automotive SPICE® independently (but under the authority of a Competent Assessor) in your own company or at your suppliers and then improve the processes based on the assessment results.

To complete the training successfully, you must actively participate in the course and pass the independent exam. Individual preparation at the end of each training day is recommended in this regard.


The seminar content is equivalent to that in the curriculum published by intacs™:

  • intacs™ - the "International Assessor Certification Scheme"
  • Overview of and motivation for process assessment in accordance with ISO/IEC 330xx
  • The measurement system: Process profiles and capability level rating
  • General overview of the assessment process
  • Data collection: Interviewing and note-taking techniques
  • Data collection: Inspection of documents
  • Assessment exercise: Assessment of "project management" at capability level 1
  • The Automotive SPICE® v3.1 assessment model
  • Assessment exercises for processes in the VDA scope of Automotive SPICE® v3.1 at capability level 1
  • Capability levels 2 and 3
  • Assessment guidelines for inexperienced assessors
  • Assessment exercises at capability levels 2 and 3
  • Exam preparation

For the most part, the course consists of exercises, discussions and participant experience exchange based on their experience with processes and their implementation.

Target audience
  • Persons who want to perform assessments in accordance with Automotive SPICE®
  • Employees in process groups
  • Quality and project managers for whom compliance with the requirements of the Automotive SPICE® v3.1 process assessment model is important
  • Project employees who are in charge of developing systems that meet the requirements of the Automotive SPICE® v3.1 process assessment model
  • Participants should have several years of professional experience in the IT industry (e.g. software/system development, project management, quality management or similar experience).
  • Additional exam fees charged when applicable
  • The respective, currently published fees apply: Certification and Examination fees

  • Special features of the online execution:The VDA QMC performs this exam online. VDA QMC examiners monitor this exam via video, with the video conference tool “Zoom”, that means the participants must activate and use their webcam accordingly. Without the use of a webcam, participation in the examination is not possible.In advance, the participants must send an identification document to the VDA QMC. They must provide this document in the electronic form, e.g., with a scan or photo of their identity card. The VDA QMC will give more information on this topic after the exam registration.
Further information
  • This course is exclusively taught by experienced intacs™ Certified Principal Assessors with extensive experience with practical assessment implementation. In addition, they are accredited trainers.
  • The currently applicable version of the prerequisites can be downloaded directly from
  • Microsoft Team is used to conduct online training.
  • A short test run is required a few days before the training to ensure that it starts smoothly. For this test run, the trainer will make an appointment with the participants.
  • The price of this seminar includes the "Automotive SPICE® v3.1 Pocket Guide".The requirements for registration as an intacs™ Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE® v3.1) can be downloaded directly from in the current version.
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