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Online-Training / 10/21 - 10/25/2024
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intacs®-certified Automotive SPICE® Competent Assessor v3.1 

Categories Process Management

General Information
10/21 - 10/25/2024
5 Days
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Centr. European Time (Berlin)
Examination Fee
€ 550.00 per participant
Online Price
€ 3,060.00 per participant, plus VAT
Early bird discount
10.0 %
Early bird price
€ 2,754.00 per participant, plus VAT

Gain a comprehensive understanding of planning, leading and documenting process assessments according to Automotive SPICE®.

This five-day training, certified under the International Assessor Certification Scheme (intacs®), lays a foundation to become an intacs®-certified Automotive SPICE® Competent Assessor v3.1.

The training provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of Automotive SPICE® v3.1 and the corresponding Automotive SPICE® Guidelines.

In this training, we cover planning, leading and documenting process assessments according to Automotive SPICE®. We also take a closer look at the process capability and maturity level dimension in accordance with the new release of the Automotive SPICE® v3.1 model, including the relationship between processes, traceability, mapping testing processes and integration into the Automotive SPICE® v3.1 model, and the operating environment.

The training also explores topics such as the concepts and requirements of capability levels 4 and 5, assessment planning and management, dealing with extreme situations during an assessment, assessments across several locations (including internationally), the coaching of Provisional Assessors, and team management.

Participants must solve subject-specific problems in advance and present their solutions in the course.


The content aligns with the curriculum defined by intacs®, builds on the Provisional Assessor training content and is delivered using intacs® training documents. The following topics are covered:

  • Participants\' presentations (of pre-training exercises) with a focus on deepening the understanding of the model with regards to process and capability levels
  • Exercises with a focus on assessment implementation
  • Assessment briefing and planning: collecting assessment input, creating an assessment plan and briefing the assessed organization.
  • Assessing processes and reporting results
  • Managing unusual and challenging situations
  • Interaction with certification bodies, including guidelines and rules for certifications according to intacs®
  • Deepening understanding of capability levels 4 and 5
  • Assessments at distributed locations and in different countries
  • Assessments and process improvement activities
  • Coaching of Provisional Assessors: qualification criteria and how to check them

This training focuses on exercises, discussions, and exchange of experience among the participants, based on their experience in applying Automotive SPICE®.

Target audience

intacs®-certified Automotive SPICE® Provisional Assessors v3.1 with documented assessment experience


Participation in the training and examination is irrespective of whether the prerequisites for certification as an intacs®-certified Automotive SPICE® Competent Assessor v3.1 are already met. We recommend that participants:

  • Have assessment experience (minimum of 100 assessment hours)
  • Have several years of professional experience in the automotive or IT industries (e.g., software/systems development, project management, quality management or similar)

This training is highly practice orientated. The exercises focus on the comparison of participants’ personal experience and the topics taught in order to deepen their skills. Additionally, it is stated in the certification requirements that the missing prerequisites for the certification as an intacs®-certified Automotive SPICE® Competent Assessor v3.1 (e.g., assessment experience of 250 assessment hours) must be completed within 12 months after the course and exam were passed successfully.


This training leads to the intacs®-certified Automotive SPICE® Competent Assessor v3.1 exam. VDA QMC gives the exam. Additional exam fees apply.

To pass the intacs®-certified Automotive SPICE® Competent Assessor v3.1 exam, participants need to provide proof of performance, as follows:

  • Participants receive exercises three to four weeks before the training starts. Please prepare the solutions to present them during the training. The trainer will evaluate participants’ presentations.
  • Participants must actively participate in the practical parts of the training. The trainer evaluates participant engagement.
  • Participants must pass the independently administered, multiple-choice written examination on the afternoon of the last day of training.

As best preparation for the exam, we recommend that participants independent work through the material provided during the training in their own time before the exam.

The web-based tool Socrative is used for the exam. The VDA QMC examiners monitor the exam via video with the online conference tool Zoom. Both tools can be accessed without a local installation. Participants must activate and use a webcam for the whole duration of the exam. The VDA QMC will give participants more detailed information after you have registered for the exam.

Participants who pass the exam graduate as an intacs®-certified Automotive SPICE® Competent Assessor v3.1.

Further information

To be eligible for certification, participants must:

  • Pass the exam
  • Provide evidence of participation in at least five assessments with a combined duration of 250 hours within the last five years.
  • Have led an assessment and have received a positive observation report from a Competent or Principal Assessor.
  • Have completed a training on VDA Automotive SPICE® Guidelines or Automotive SPICE® Upgrade training.

Participants must register with VDA QMC within one year of successfully passing the exam. VDA QMC charges an additional fee for intacs® registration.

For online trainings, all materials are offered digitally. For in-person trainings, all materials are offered digitally.

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