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This is Volkswagen Group Components. Operating as an independent business unit under the umbrella of Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen Group Components is responsible for the development and production of strategic components for the Group’s vehicle-manufacturing brands. Around 75,000 employees work in five business units — Engines and Foundry, Transmission and Electric Drive, Chassis and Battery Systems, Seats, and Battery Cells — at over 60 plants in 48 production sites worldwide. They develop and manufacture vehicle components, shaping the future of important topics such as charging infrastructure or battery recycling — thus making a significant contribution to the value of the Volkswagen Group, its brands and products. The Chairman of the Executive Board of Volkswagen Group Components is Thomas Schmall.


VW Group Components — chassis division in the Brunswick plant is developing a redundant steering system that features an impressive array of safety functions. The “KEEP” process model is being deployed in the development of this system, which has been verified as compliant with the Automotive SPICE® and ISO 26262 standards. Within this process model, development is split into the functional (QM) and safety (ASIL-D) aspects. This split is soon to be a thing of the past, with the transition to a fully ASIL-D-compliant procedure. Furthermore, compliance with SPICE for Mechanical Engineering v1.7 and Automotive SPICE® PAM 3.1 will be established and applied in the context of the current project. In order to do so, the system development processes need to be adapted or redefined. These processes will then be reflected in the “KEEP” process model. The target capability level for the processes is CL 3.

Method Park is supporting us in our process management, revising the content of our processes. In collaboration with our employees, Method Park is developing the procedural methods in the areas of system, software and mechanical development as well as functional safety. An experienced consultant from Method Park is supporting us in the harmonization of the entire process landscape in order to ensure successful collaboration between the various development areas. Method Park has enabled us to streamline and improve our processes and align them with standards-related requirements.

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