Method Park launches Stages 7.8

The purpose of every process in the product lifecycle is to produce outputs with the desired quality. Especially in agile approaches, work products are created and iteratively refined until they reach the required level of quality.

With Stages 7.8, you can define processes that focus on those results.

The new capability allows to

  • Specify states or completion levels for work products
  • Describe the required state for each work product in more detail
  • Provide bi-directional views from workflow, milestone, or value stream perspective

This  describes the progression of a work product in a robust way and works in both directions: no matter if the users views the process from the, it is always clear which level of completeness and quality of the work products is expected at a specific point.

Other important improvements are

  • Better support for instantiation of multi-level programs with systems and sub-systems or large-scale agile scenarios with portfolios, systems, and teams
  • Teams like the Engineering Process Group or a Change Control Board that consist of multiple roles can now be more precisely modelled
  • The working and the valid version of a workspace can now be better distinguished

All changes and further details can be found in the Releases Notes for  Version 7.8.


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