Method Park launches Stages 7.5

New features map value streams

The new version of Method Park’s engineering process management tool simplifies complex product development.

With version 7.5, Method Park launches the latest edition of its process management solution Stages. Extensive processes in complex product development can be managed even better, understood faster, and applied easier with Stages 7.5.

Value Stream Mapping

One highlight is a new feature for mapping value streams. Value streams capture the tangible value of processes, while process models describe the related details. Stages 7.5 generates work products that serve as a connection between these two layers.

Process Visualization

Another new feature is scroll and zoom for process visualization to ease the handling of very detailed processes. Similar to Google Maps or MapQuest, users comfortably scroll through the entire process landscape. They can model processes centrally and reference them with any number of activities.

Support for heterogeneous organizations

Stages 7.5 manages processes centrally on a single Stages server and significantly minimizes the manual effort for process administration in large, heterogeneous organizations.

New Interfaces

The new Stages version also offers interfaces to various tools. The interface to PTC Integrity, for instance, allows users direct access to project documents, templates, and checklists in PTC Integrity. Also, user feedback can be stored directly in the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Manager, PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager, Redmine, and Jira Cloud.

Further details about Stages 7.5 are available on the website:


About Method Park

Method Park specializes in complex product engineering for the automotive, medical, and aerospace industries. Method Park’s portfolio includes consulting and engineering services, a comprehensive training program, and the process management tool “Stages”.

Method Park was founded in 2001. On a worldwide basis, the company has supported and coached its customers on process optimization, compliance to industry-specific standards, and legal regulations, as well as the management of projects, products, and quality assurance. Method Park offers a practice-based training program on all current topics of Software & Systems Engineering in Europe, the US, and Asia.

With “Stages”, Method Park offers a model-based process management tool, which supports its users on the definition, communication, and application of complex processes.

With around 200 employees, the company group has locations in Erlangen, Frankfurt on the Main, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart as well as in Detroit, Miami and Pittsburgh in the US and Shanghai in China. In 2019, Method Park generated an operative turnover of about 21 million euros.

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