Stages 7.5

What's new in the latest Stages Release

Product development is getting more complex and so are the respective processes. Stages version 7.5 adds new capabilities to better manage this complexity and speed up process understanding of end users.


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Complex Processes

The most visible enhancement is certainly the new drag and zoom feature. It improves the handling of very detailed process visualizations and mimics the behavior of popular applications like Google Maps or MapQuest.

Processes that are re-used across the whole organization can now be modeled in detail at a central location and referred to from all activities that invoke them. Typical processes that benefit from this new capability are joint review, configuration management, or verification and validation.

Value Streams

In addition to the existing process modeling capabilities, Stages can now also be used for value stream mapping. Value streams are typically used for capturing the high-level value creation, whereas their lower level details are described as process models. Work products act as the connection between the two layers.

This way, users can quickly gain an overview impression as well as dive into the model details where required

Large Scale Organization Support

The new version also contains a set of new features to support large and heterogeneous organizations on a single Stages instance and minimize the manual administration efforts for those setups:

  • Support for multiple landing pages
  • Role-group permission support
  • License pools

New Integrations

Finally, Stages 7.5 adds an integration with PTC Integrity to access project work products, templates, and checklists, as well as the ability to create feedback items in

  • Windchill RV&S (formerly Integrity Lifecycle Manager)
  • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (formerly named IBM RTC)
  • Redmine
  • Jira Cloud

How to get started with Stages 7.5

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