Method Park awarded as one of 100 top employers in Germany

Method Park Software AG is among the 100 winning companies in the competition “Germany’s Best Employers 2009”. This competition is carried out by the Great Place to Work® Institute with the support of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. During the awards ceremony on February 12th in Berlin, the rankings within the various company size categories were disclosed. Method Park achieved 36th place in the category of best medium-sized company in Germany with up to 500 employees.

257 companies participated this year in Germany in the world's largest employer benchmark study. In the Great Place to Work® Model©, a special index was used to log the assessment of the workplace provided by employees regarding the relationship to the management, to colleagues and to the individual employee's area of responsibility. The unique model of the Great Place to Work® Institute has long been recognized worldwide as a clear and comprehensive representation of just how decisive trust between management and employees is when it comes to securing the success of a company. The Great Place to Work® study is carried out annually in over 30 countries.

Method Park is characterized by a company culture in which the employees experience continuous communication and a high level of transparency from day one. “Openness in every way” is the credo of the company management. “Openness creates trust and is a source of our sustained company success,” says chief executive officer Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel. Just how important an intact company culture is, particularly in the current economic climate, was underlined by the German Federal Secretary of Labor, Olaf Scholz, in his speech during the awards ceremony in Berlin: “Company culture is not a fair weather activity. Rather, the quality of an employer needs to prove itself particularly in times of crisis, such as those we are experiencing now.”

The Method Park culture is upheld via numerous communication platforms. These include the weekly “pizza meeting” of the entire company with live transmission to other locations, as well as the monthly birthday brunch with board members. The annual company Olympics, which is organized by a highly dedicated employee committee, is another element contributing to the open company culture. Regular discussions with managers and the use of “balanced scorecards” provide each and every employee with feedback and orientation with respect to their particular position in the company. Objectives and approaches for achieving these goals are developed together with the employees, with individual goals being derived from the current business plan. During the annual summer and winter workshops, the employees are informed about important performance figures as well as the strategic objectives of the company. They are also able to clarify any open questions during discussions.


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