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Rust Hands-on Workshop

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General Information
3 Days

A beginner’s guide to this popular and powerful programming language.

Rust allows for detailed control over system-related resources and offers memory management safety comparable to established languages with garbage collectors. As a result, Rust stands out from the abundance of new programming languages that have been introduced in recent years. However, these benefits are implemented in Rust with new concepts that must be understood to use the language efficiently. For many beginners, this proves challenging as the very powerful Rust compiler is already complicated.

This training, designed with beginners in mind, starts with the fundamentals, explains the differences in syntax compared to other established languages and describes the concepts that characterize Rust. Trainers address the borrow checker, define lifetimes and integrate external libraries with Cargo. These topics and others are covered from a theoretical perspective, but learners also work through practical exercises.

  • Fundamentals
    • Syntax compared to other programming languages.
    • Unit tests.
    • Pattern matching.
    • Enums and algebraic data types.
  • Standard library and Cargo
  • Memory safety in Rust
    • Ownership.
    • Move vs. borrow vs. copy.
    • Borrow checker.
  • Error handling
  • Polymorphism with traits
  • Concurrency
  • Generics
  • Tooling (rustfmt, debugging)
  • Macros
Target audience

Software developers


None required.

Further information

All materials are offered digitally. Copies of any relevant standards must be provided by the learner.

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