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Entity Framework – Hands-on Workshop

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General Information
2 Days

A hands-on workshop using a practice-oriented approach to teach the techniques and practices of the Entity Framework in software development.

The Entity Framework can prove useful in software development. This hands-on workshop uses a practice-oriented approach to teach the techniques and practices required to apply the Entity Framework in a real-world scenario.

  • Object-relational mapping.
  • Entity Framework.
Data Access
  • Object relationships, navigation, and loading strategies.
  • LINQ to entities.
Further Topics
  • Performance tips and tricks.
  • Migrations.
  • Support for stored procedures.
  • Software architectures with the Entity Framework.

Following the workshop, coaching days are available. The trainer will focus on specific challenges a learner may face when implementing workshop content in everyday life.

Target audience



Experience in software development

Further information

All materials are offered digitally. Copies of any relevant standards must be provided by the learner.

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