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Online-Training / 9/2 - 9/4/2024

Agile Software Architecture (iSAQB® Modul AGILA)

Categories Systems Engineering, Requirements & Architecture

General Information
9/2 - 9/4/2024
3 Days
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Centr. European Time (Berlin)
Online Price
€ 1,990.00 per participant, plus VAT

This course provides the necessary tools and innovative abilities to design and further develop software systems and structures according to agile principles. When setting goals, our trainers follow an approach from two perspectives: on the one hand, it’s about transferring agile principles and ideas to software architecture; on the other hand, it´s about anchoring architectural practices to agile processes in a sensible way. By using several realistic examples for agile architecture, participants should recognize that agility and architecture don’t have to be a hindrance to one another, but instead can complete one another in an excellent way via goal orientation and active teamwork.

Subsequent to the training, the participants will be able to:

  • transfer agile principles and ideas to software architecture
  • use role model approaches in agile projects
  • design effectively the common maintenance, estimation and prioritisation of requirements.
  • use techniques in order to take decisions in groups
  • use techniques for the common reflection of decisions taken in the architectural context.

The curriculum is divided into the following main topics (version 1.2):

  • Basics
  • Agile architecture approach
  • Architectural requirements in agile projects
  • Designing architecture within a team
  • Reflection and feedback
  • Examples for agile projects

In addition to the technical aspects, the organizational and social factors are also an integral part of the training.

Target audience
  • Software architects, software designers, software developers, members of agile teams, project managers and executive managers
  • Trainees need to have a basic understanding of software architecture, as for example, taught in CPSA-F training.
  • The seminar provides 20 credit points for "methodical skills" and 10 credit points for "communicative skills".

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