Fiscal Year 2020: Record in Turnover at Method Park

Erlangen-based software & systems company achieved 18 percent growth in 2020


The Method Park group of companies once again generated a record turnover of over EUR 25 million in the last fiscal year. Sales of engineering services increased by over 27 percent despite pandemic-related restrictions.

Method Park group of companies closed the fiscal year of 2020 with EUR 25.09 million in sales - an increase of 17.6 percent. This record turnover is the best annual result since its foundation in 2001.

Growth drivers

Method Park Engineering GmbH generated an increase of 27.3 percent in sales with its engineering services despite the Covid-19 pandemic and contributed significantly to the record turnover. Method Park America Inc. even increased its sales by 50.7 percent compared to 2019.

Strong U.S. market

Above all, the purchasing power of U.S. companies boosted the turnover of Method Park America Inc. The group of companies generated 14 percent of its total turnover in the U.S. market in 2020, with license sales of the process management tool Stages increasing by 195 percent.

All-time high in Europe

Europe remains the core market, accounting for 81 percent of the total turnover. Method Park doubled its sales to 23 percent in the U.K., while the figures remained at an all-time high of 54 percent in Germany.

The future market Asia

Method Park generated around 4.5 percent of its turnover in Asia last year. The company opened a new branch office in Shanghai and generated the highest increase in turnover of 81 percent in China.

Distribution of sales and customer structure

In 2020, the turnover of the four business units distributed as follows: 43 percent for Engineering, 32 percent for Products, 25 percent for Training & Consulting.

Method Park acquired more than 150 new customers in the last fiscal year and generated over 60 percent of its total turnover with its ten largest customers. As in previous years and with 90 percent of total turnover, automotive, medical device, and aerospace & defense remain the core industries. The aerospace & defense industry experienced the highest increase in 2020 compared to the previous year, while the automotive and medical device industries generated over EUR 10 million each.

Challenges in 2020

For Method Park and many other companies, the Corona pandemic was a challenge in 2020. The regular face-to-face meetings in projects and training courses were converted into remote sessions within a very short time, and the majority of employees needed technical equipment to continue working from home. Method Park deployed a crisis team that monitored all measures closely and on time.

Method Park systematically converted its courses to online training; regular video conferences ensured the exchange of information; face-to-face events took place as digital events and reached significantly more participants than before.

Customers and employees joined this digital journey and contributed considerably to business success in 2020 with their flexibility.

Outlook 2021

The Method Park company group has started the new fiscal year with 230 dedicated employees and a volume of EUR 9.3 million in its order books. "These facts and the order negotiations in progress allow us to look positively to 2021," says Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel, CEO of the Method Park group of companies. Head of Sales & Marketing Michael Landwehr adds: "The international expansion of our business, particularly in China and the U.S., will experience another significant boost in the current year."


About Method Park

Method Park specializes in complex product engineering in the environments of the automotive, medical, and aerospace industries. Method Park's portfolio includes consulting and engineering services, a comprehensive training program, and the process management tool "Stages". Method Park was founded in 2001. On a worldwide basis, the company has coached its customers on process optimization, compliance to industry-specific standards, and legal regulations. It has also consulted on the management of projects, products, and quality assurance. Method Park offers a practice-based training program on all current topics of software and systems engineering. Method Park offers training at its locations in Germany and other European countries, the U.S. and Asia. With "Stages", Method Park offers an individually customizable process management tool which supports its users on the definition, communication and application of complex processes. The company group has locations in Erlangen, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt on the Main, Hamburg and Berlin as well as in Detroit, Miami and Pittsburgh in the U.S. and Shanghai in China. Today, about 230 employees work for Method Park. In 2020, Method Park generated an operative turnover of about 25 million euros.


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