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Knowledge has become a competitive advantage. The exchange of information and experience across sectors plays a key role here. With the free series of “Talk in the Park” events, Method Park has been offering all interested parties a platform for this since the start of 2011, with talks and discussions on current topics relating to software and systems engineering. In the current situation, Talk in the Park supports social distancing. Participate live and online in the talks via GoToWebinar. 

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Date Time Topic Speaker
ISO 26262 2nd Amendment alles bleibt neu?! Marco Di Pace (Method Park)
Hardware SPICE Assessment-Model Rainer Rönnebeck,
Volker Lehmann (Method Park)
Flutter, the holy grail of cross-platform development?! Christoph Menzel
(Method Park)
Medical Device Regulation – transition period expired! What‘s next? Sebastian Kern (Method Park)
Much as I know, I wish I knew everything.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

German author 1749-1832

Talk im Park - ISO 26262 - 2nd Amendment alles bleibt neu?! (German)

The second amendment of ISO 26262 came into force in 2018. It has both an extended scope (trucks, buses, and motorcycles) and more content (e.g., two new volumes and new topics in existing volumes).

This talk gives you an overview of the second ISO 26262 amendment’s influence on the processes in the VDA scope of Automotive SPICE®.

Speaker: Marco Di Pace


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Many thanks for your interest in our “Talk in the Park” topics and for joining our series of events this year! We had very interesting and inspiring discussions with you. Many thanks to our speakers for their informative presentations!

You missed a “Talk in the Park” event? Please find the presentations of the last events here.



2011 trat die erste Ausgabe der ISO 26262 „Road Vehicles – Functional Safety“ in Kraft. Seitdem wurden in der Automobilindustrie viele Anstrengungen unternommen, um bestehende Entwicklungsprozesse an die neuen Anforderungen anzupassen. Berechtigterweise hat sich in den letzten Jahren immer wieder die Frage gestellt, ob sich die Anforderungen der ISO 26262 mit Automotive SPICE® vereinbaren lassen und wie Entwicklungsprozesse gestaltet werden müssen, die beide Standards erfüllen.


In March, “Talk in the Park” focuses on the updated Automotive SPICE® version 3.1, released in November 2017, and the relating guideline recently released by the VDA as so-called Blue/Gold Edition.OEMs in the automotive industry require compliance to the Automotive SPICE® standard from their suppliers. The capability of development processes for software and systems in automobiles is assessed with this standard.To further improve objectivity and comparability of assessment performance and its results, a working group of VDA set up an additional guideline of almost 300 pages, which should be considered for future assessments.The advantages and disadvantages of the guideline and what influence it will have on assessments is outlined and discussed in this presentation, together with the participants of “Talk in the Park”.


Organizations usually try to change their development and production processes with process improvement initiatives. Acceptance for those processes among employees, however, is very low since these processes are developed with focus on requirements of quality and maturity models while the perspective of process users is often left aside. A solution approach from software development, however, can support process improvement initiatives as well: Process owners as wells as their use cases and needs are identified. Subsequently, realistic processes are developed together with them. With the analysis of typical problems and actual use cases, processes can be developed which represent effective improvement for organizations.


Volkswagen decided to introduce the “Supplier Quality Improvement Leader” (SQIL) since most of its automotive suppliers still had difficulties with their process quality. As an independent instance, SQIL is supposed to ensure sustainable implementation of improvements activities to get the suppliers’ problems under control.


Stuxnet, Heartbleed, hacked vehicles, ransomware in hospitals: Safety is threatened in all industries around the world. That’s why many countries and numerous standardization bodies are developing laws and standards to improve cybersecurity.This presentation gives an overview of the current situation and demonstrates what the management should or can do to be prepared for cybersecurity.


The Automotive Industry is rapidly adopting Autonomous Driving as a core focus. This change to the vehicle has unique impacts to the customers, product developers, and service practices and is disruptive in the industry. Our Industrial Safety practices have continued to grow and evolve with such standards as ISO 26262. With execution of autonomy, there is motivation to bring connectivity to vehicular control applications while adding requirements for Security. Our knowledge of the domain mandates that the approach to Security be holistic. New concepts and knowledge must be introduced in the processes and practices that lead to Secure applications deployed for sale and maintained in the field. Our objective is to discuss these challenges and introduce methods that are easing the burden to OEMs and Tier 1s to deliver to these evolving challenges. The talk "Security with AUTOSAR" deals with Automotive Ethernet as a key technology for autonomous driving. There is no safety without security. Our expert will discuss EB’s multilevel security architecture and its implementation with AUTOSAR. This architecture introduces four levels of protection against malicious attacks to ensure availability, integrity, and confidentiality for automotive communication via Ethernet.


Tasktop is the industry leader in Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI), providing fully automated, real time synchronization among software development and delivery tools. They are the driving force behind a leading German auto manufacturer’s solution to integrate with their supply chain, allowing collaboration and visibility across organization boundaries to ultimately increase the speed of product delivery.Topic: Supply Chain Issue Management: OEM Experience; Inside the automobiles we rely on daily are over 100 million lines of code, representing one of the most complex software artifacts we interact with day-to-day. In this innovative market, the ability to deliver software quickly without compromising traceability is a key differentiator. Jeff Downs of Tasktop introduced a customer case study from a leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and provided actionable information designed to help you.


Sodius is the leader in model transformation and realizing the “models everywhere” vision. Embedded in key technologies from NoMagic and IBM as well as a member of the AUTOSAR community they are delivering solutions to bridge formats and formalize model reviews.Topic: Collaborating with Data, Requirements and Models - Lessons learned; As the complexity of today's products continues to increase, the need for collaboration across a distributed design team only gains in importance. However, today's workflows are more the result of trial and error rather than an approach that realizes that collaboration practices are as important as the design processes that drive the engineering teams. This talk focused on the lessons learned in exchanging defect data, requirement exchange between an OEM and supplier, and AUTOSAR model exchange.


In this Talk in the Park, Method Park focused on the value of collaborative processes and how your organization can leverage them. These processes, and their data flow, are integral to organizational objectives of quality as well as in support of quality-based initiatives such as ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE. In addition to Method Park, for this session we have invited thought leaders to discuss their successes, including in-practice industry examples, in aiding collaboration:


Last year the VDA released a new version of Automotive SPICE®. The presentation will introduce the new features and changes as well as the core message that remains the same: in the focus of of Automotive SPICE® there is “Improvement”.


As General Motors looks to transition to AUTOSAR, the company sees the advances enabled by PLE as critical to success. GM and BigLever will highlight how these leading-edge PLE capabilities will be leveraged in AUTOSAR to help meet the diverse needs and requirements of GM’s suppliers.


Method Park and BigLever provided a preview of their latest collaboration – an approach for using the Stages Process Management System to model, automate, and manage PLE processes for improving cross-functional communication and alignment in PLE deployments.


Agenda for the first "Talk in the Royal Park" in Detroit.