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Our ParkCheck offerings are self-contained events on relevant topics. They are high professional, highly interactive and customer-centered check-ups that result in individual takeaways to improve your engineering quality.

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ParkCheck for Architecture

ParkCheck Architecture

ParkCheck Architecture provides insight whether your system or software architecture is suitable to support your business goals, and provides specific improvement opportunities.

System- and software-architecture encompasses fundamental design decisions that determine your ability to succeed at the market. To minimize risk, your architecture must be suitable to meet business requirements and customer needs.

With the help of ParkCheck Architecture workshops, you gain a deep understanding of architecturally significant requirements, how they are addressed by the architecture, and the related risks and improvement opportunities. It provides you the independent perspective of an external analysis team.


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ParkCheck for Cybersecurity

ParkCheck for Cybersecurity

Managing your cybersecurity risk enables you to build safer and more secure products, learn more about cybersecurity risk management and enables you to reduce your products risk. The need for cybersecurity requires you to understand the risk your product is facing, which in turn is key for developing safer and more secure products.

With ParkCheck for cybersecurity we enable you to understand your products cybersecurity risks, how you can identify these risks, and which impact they have on your business and your customers. This is done through a workshop employing our systematic approach to Threat analysis and risk assessment (TARA) guided by our cybersecurity specialists.



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ParkCheck for Agile Product Development

ParkCheck for Agile Product Development

Agile Product Development from Method Park by UL Solutions can help you to increase predictable and regular delivery of business value and engages your employees’ active participation.

Parkcheck for Agile Product Development provides you with an external perspective on your agile processes, artifacts and practices. It will help you reflect on your current status quo and develop specific improvement ideas.


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