Interview with Siemens

Stages is useful in getting people together, harmonizing our processes and identifying ways for our engineers to work as optimally as possible.

Shamron Awwal, Senior Process Engineer, Siemens

Interview with Honeywell

We have adopted Stages as our fundamental platform for all engineering processes.

Kyle Gehan, Senior Manager, Honeywell Aerospace

Interview with Continental

When I do Automotive SPICE® assessments the teams use Stages to prove how well they are doing on these assessments.

James Greenfield, Senior Process and Assessment Consultant, Continental

Interview with General Motors

Stages has been an invaluable tool for the work I do because I go there to figure out what’s happening on every stage of the life cycle for the products I am working with and get all the relevant documentation I need.

Travis Foust, Algorithm Design Development Engineer, General Motors

Interview with Continental

Stages helped us to visualize a common product lifecycle with common terminology and a maturity model that is now very well established within the company

Harald Wilhelm, Director Processes & Standards North America, Continental

Interview with ZF

Stages helped us to think about how to make our processes simpler and more streamlined so we can easily model them and connect them to other processes

Jason Hall, Engineering Quality Manager, ZF

Interview with General Motors

I think it is all about relationships and it is all about willingness to learn from each other […] We have always got something to offer each other and you´ve always got new ideas. I can´t be more pleased. You are one of our best suppliers

Craig Brown, PLM Leader, General Motors Company