Digitization, machine learning, autonomous systems, or the Internet of Things are disruptive forces that require engineering-driven companies to transform faster and more radical than ever before. Companies are trying to manage this innovation pressure by adopting concepts like MBSE, PLE, SPICE, Safety and Security, Agile and Lean Development practices as well as many others.

All those techniques have direct impact on engineering and product development processes. And that is why Method Park hosts the expert platform “Process Insights: The Engineering Excellence Network”. The event will cover all aspects of engineering process management: From Strategy to methods to tools and best practices.

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Engineering excellence topics covered

Event concept: On September 30th 2019, we will meet for the 8th time at Process (Stages) Insights in North America. In parallel tracks, we will share user experiences and the Stages roadmap as well as concepts to transform engineering practices through process excellence. Exciting speeches, networking sessions and enough time for individual 1:1 discussions within a partnering environment characterize the event.

From the industry for the industry: Our goal is to connect people from different industries with same mindset to talk about efficient processes management – whether they are beginners, experts or leaders. During one full day, we will share best practices and provide insights in new approaches.

Learn how to

  • Implement processes as a success factor for your product development
  • Master engineering complexity, i.e. in the fields of digitalization, IoT and autonomy
  • Conform with industry standards and regulations like Automotive SPICE

Profit from

  • New approaches from other industries and companies
  • Exclusive insights into the Stages process management system
  • The opportunity to join a community of like-minded professionals

Participants statements from Continental, General Motors, Honeywell, and ZF

The Agenda for 2019 will be published here soon.

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