Customer Story – Automotive SPICE® at the location in China


The customer is an automotive supplier who is based in Germany and has worldwide locations. At its location in China, the company had to prove Automotive SPICE® Level 2 in two running projects on control devices (ignition lock, sensing element of roof unit) for Chinese OEMs. Previously, the process landscape of the location was spread to MS Word, Excel and Enterprise Architect. The organization was not able to transfer its ASPICE-compliant processes from the German headquarters to its Chinese location, due to particular requirements on markets and projects.


Duration of the project

1.5 years

1 consultant

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Due to the special and particularly challenging time constraints, Method Park employees applied a rapid process-typing approach: creating processes in a running project. Method Park provided intense training for one week. Thereafter, weekly two-hour telephone conferences were set up including 10 to 15 of the customer’s project engineers. On the results of these telephone conferences, Method Park experts, step-by-step, defined processes which in turn were reviewed by the customer. This cycle was maintained over 1.5 years. With the VDA-scope of Automotive SPICE® (16 individual process areas), Method Park employees were able to define processes perfectly fitting into the customer’s project. Method Park applied the cloud version of its own tool “Stages” to define processes to enable quick synchronization and adjustment on Method Park servers.




Rapid process-typing approach

Intense training & weekly telephone conference

Definition & review of new processes

Application of Stages in the cloud

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In both projects, the customer was able to prove Automotive SPICE® Level 2 under the VDA scope as requested by the OEMs. The customer is now able to professionally maintain its processes. This enabled the customer to prove Automotive SPICE® Level 3 and win further projects.


Achieving Automotive SPICE® Level 2 in running Projects

Successful acquisition of new Automotive SPICE® Level 3 projects