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Qt und QML: Hands-on Workshop for Programming User Interfaces

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General Information
2 Days

With Qt and QML, you develop platform-independent, high-performance user interfaces on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android with reasonable effort. Everything you need to know, is imparted in this hands-on workshop.

You will gain insights into the concepts and methods of interface programming with Qt and QML. You receive an overview of the QML basics, UI interactions and Qt Quick Controls. The workshop explains the interaction of QML and C++ code as well as other important topics from the Qt library.

You deepen these contents with practical exercises, which take up about half of the workshop. This helps you to directly understand and consolidate the knowledge you have.


QML Basics

  • Introduction to the Qt Creator development environment
  • Which basic elements are available?
  • What are properties and how do property bindings work?
  • How do QML and Javascript interact?
  • How to position elements?
  • How to react to keyboard input and mouse clicks?

The Qt Quick Controls component library

  • Introduction and use of “Quick Controls”
  • Your individual design adaptation of standard components
  • Differences between "Quick Controls" version 1 and 2

Extending the QML functionality

  • Creation of your individual components and component libraries
  • Integration of C++ objects in QML
  • Create your individual C++ QML components
  • On request: Introduction to "Qt for Python"

Other advanced concepts such as:

  • Model/view concept and data display
  • Internationalization
  • How to dynamically create elements at runtime
Target audience
  • Software developer
Your Advantage
  • After the workshop, you can optionally book one or more subsequent coaching days. The trainer is then dedicated to specific challenges you may face when implementing the workshop contents in everyday life. In addition, you can deepen individual contents in a targeted manner.
  • Experience in C++ is helpful

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