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Online-Training / 12/12 - 12/14/2022

Low-Trust Consensus in Decentralized Applications (iSAQB Modul BLOCKCHAIN)

Categories Systems Engineering, Requirements & Architecture

General Information
12/12 - 12/14/2022
3 Days
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Centr. European Time (Berlin)
Online Price
€ 1,790.00 per participant, plus VAT

This iSAQB-certified software architecture training course provides the necessary tools and innovative skills to recognize and classify blockchain use cases and successfully design decentralized applications. Participants gain an in-depth understanding of how to master the transfer from traditional methodologies to blockchain technologies in software engineering.


You will learn and leverage the fundamental algorithms and components of blockchain technologies, such as cryptographic hash functions, public-key encryption schemes, peer-to-peer networking, or consensus algorithms, and gain an in-depth understanding of smart contracts, permissioned blockchains, and integration into enterprise applications.The content corresponds to the syllabus published by the iSAQB e.V. in April 2020 (version 2019.1):

  • Blockchain technological basics
  • Development and design of smart contracts
  • Different blockchain flavors
  • Blockchain use cases
  • Architecture of blockchain applications
  • Examples of blockchain architectureIn addition to technological aspects, organizational and social factors are an integral part of this training course.
Target audience

• Software architects• Software designers• System analysts• Technical project managers


Participants should have the following knowledge and/or experience:• Basic theoretical and practical database knowledge• Knowledge of at least one modern programming language


Examination fees are added to the course price for the CPSA-A® exam. The certificate is issued after passing the exam by an independent certification body. The course contributes 10 credit points to the section "Methodical Competence" and 20 credit points to the "Technological Competence" section.

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