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Automotive Cybersecurity – Executive Overview of ISO/SAE 21434 

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General Information
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Learn about automotive cybersecurity and how it relates to each stage of the vehicle lifecycle with an executive-level look at ISO/SAE 21434.

This half-day training covers automotive cybersecurity management for executive managers based on the state-of-the-art ISO/SAE 21434 standard as a guiding template. The goal is to inform managers and responsible engineers of the implications of ISO/SAE 21434’s processes and work products for their company.

  • Overview of ISO/SAE 21434 standard
  • The clauses (chapters) of the ISO/SAE standard and their objectives/requirements/work products:
    • Clause 5 Organizational cybersecurity management includes the cybersecurity management and specification of the organizational cybersecurity policies, rules and processes.
    • Clause 6 Project dependent cybersecurity management includes cybesecurity management and cybersecurity activities at the project level.
    • Clause 7 Distributed cybersecurity activities includes requirements for assigning responsibilities for cybersecurity activities between customer and supplier.
    • Clause 8 Continual cybersecurity activities includes activities that provide information for ongoing risk assessments and defines vulnerability management of E/E systems until end of cybersecurity support.
    • Clause 9 Concept includes activities that determine cybersecurity risks, cybersecurity goals and cybersecurity requirements for an item.
    • Clause 10 Product development includes activities that define the cybersecurity specifications and implement and verify cybersecurity requirements.
    • Clause 11 Cybersecurity validation includes the cybersecurity validation of an item at the vehicle level.
    • Clause 12 Production includes the cybersecurity-related aspects of manufacturing and assembly of an item or component.
    • Clause 13 Operations and maintenance includes activities related to cybersecurity incident response and updates to an item or component.
    • Clause 14 End of cybersecurity support and decommissioning includes cybersecurity considerations for end of support and decommissioning of an item or component.
    • Clause 15 Threat analysis and risk assessment methods includes modular methods for analysis and assessment to determine the extent of cybersecurity risk so that treatment can be pursued.
  • Cybersecurity management
  • Interaction between client and suppliers
  • Overview of concept phase
  • Cybersecurity item definition
  • Threat analysis and risk assessment methods
  • Cybersecurity goals and claims
  • Cybersecurity concept
  • Overview of the product development phase
  • Design
  • Integration and verification
  • Cybersecurity validation
  • Continual cybersecurity activities
  • Cybersecurity monitoring
  • Vulnerability analysis and management
  • Production, operation, maintenance and decommissioning topics
Target audience
  • Engineering managers
  • Directors and VP-level executives
  • Senior/principal engineering staff
  • Engineers and developers
  • Sales and purchasing personnel

None required. 

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