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Modern Systems Architecture

Categories Systems Engineering, Requirements & Architecture

General Information
3 Days

Model-based systems architecture is the key for the successful development of complex systems. Discover a systematic approach to designing system architectures in this training.

Learn how to design system architectures using patterns, principles, or heuristics and find out how to document them appropriately with a continuous exercise example.

  • Introduction and motivation
    • Fundamentals and relevance of systems architecture
    • Lifecycle of a system
    • System concepts - function, structure, and hierarchy
    • The Twin Peaks Model
  • Interfaces to requirements analysis, integration, verification, and validation
  • The role of the system architect - skills and tasks
  • Patterns, principles, and heuristics
  • Documentation and modeling
    • Documentation according to ISO 42010
    • Frameworks for the description of system architectures
    • Model-based development with SysML
  • System architecture, system design, and system analysis
    • Approach according to ISO 15288
    • Functional, logical and technical architecture
  • Continuous exercise example
Target audience
  • System architects, systems engineers, software architects
  • Experience in the practical implementation of development projects

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