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Embedded Architecture with UML

Categories Systems Engineering, Requirements & Architecture

General Information
2 Days

Training focused on the use of Unified Modeling Language (UML) to address specific challenges faced by software architectures for embedded systems.

Software architectures for embedded systems must address specific challenges. Typically, limited resources, performance and safety are often the predominant impact factors. However, maintainability, flexibility and extensibility must also be considered.

This training shows how to help address these challenges using Unified Modeling Language (UML). Trainers share an approach to architectural design that takes the impact factors of your system into consideration. And you will learn how to evaluate your architecture. Specific solution concepts for the most significant impact factors and practical tips for successfully creating good architectures in your projects will be given.

  • Approach to embedded system development.
  • Impact factors for embedded systems.
    • Significance and analysis of impact factors.
  • Concepts and patterns for typical impact factors.
    • Real-time.
    • Safety.
    • Resources and flexibility.
  • Documentation
    • UML notation.
    • Typical views.
  • Scenario-based architecture evaluation.
  • Implementation concepts.
  • Consistent example used for all exercises.
Target audience
  • Software architects
  • Software developers
  • Strong analytical thinking.
  • Experience with development projects.
  • UML basics.
Further information

All materials are offered digitally. Copies of any relevant standards must be provided by the learner.

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