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Talk in the Park - Brain the Company


In March, the “Talk in the Park” events at all three Method Park locations will cover the topic "Brain the Company", Dr. Henning Beck, neurobiologist.

Brain the Company -

Dr. Henning Beck, neurobiologist

Nowadays, new ideas, creative thinking and innovative products make the difference. The neurobiologist Henning Beck highlights the brain as the most innovative organization of our time. It is the brain which makes re-thinking possible. 

At “Talk in the Park”, you always have the chance to ask the presenter your questions, discuss topics with other participants and meet interesting people at Method Park. For free! 

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The presenter: Henning Beck is neurobiologist, author and science slammer. He studied biochemistry in Tübingen and qualified in project management at the University of California in Berkeley. He presents complicated brain research entertaining and comprehensibly. 

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