Prof. Hindel Appointed Program Committee Chairman of World Conference

The Erlangen IT-company method park Software Inc. CEO, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel, was appointed chairman of the program committee of the 3rd World Conference on Software Quality in Paris in 2005. Recently representatives from Europe, the US and Japan agreed on this in passing of the 7th European Conference on Software Quality in Helsinki. The world conference takes place on a different continent every five years. Here the representatives of national IT companies and organizations interchange information on ways of improving software quality.With the drawing up of the call-for papers, the program committee lays down the orientation of the conference in regards to content. The call-for papers for the world conference in Paris will be published in 2003. Prof. Dr. Hindel has already been a member of the program committee of the 2nd world conference in Yokohama 2000, where he represented the interests of the European Organization on Quality – Software Group. "With man’s constantly growing dependence on software that functions, aspects of software quality rapidly gain relevance. In this sector only the supra-regional exchange of IT pros will bring about the necessary progress", Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel underlines the significance of the world conference.

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