method park presents new release project kit 2.1

At this year’s “Conference on Quality Engineering in Software Technology“ (CONQUEST) in Nuremberg, method park Software AG will present the new release 2.1 of its product project kit.

By means of its web-based portal technology, the customized information, process and knowledge management system for software development enables every participant to access information on the project and its development process directly from his place at work. The current status of the project can be viewed by any participant at any time.

By integrating configuration management systems, project kit goes one step further to support “living processes”. The incorporation of the systems

> Rational ClearCase (TM)

> CVS (Concurrent Versions System) and

> the internal project kit configuration management system permits full access to precise development documents of software projects administered by project kit.

New functionalities for importing and exporting process definitions easily allow an interchange of processes between different project kit installations. Furthermore it is made possible to version and archive software development processes.

In addition a number of improvements in process definition and representation of project kit have been made.

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